Cherry Blossoms in Twilight

 a WWII Japan memoirCherry Blossoms Twilight

by Yaeko Sugama Weldon and Linda E. Austin

“Who wanted war anyway?”

Travel to another culture, another era,

 another perspective

 Learn about life in a small town outside Tokyo during the Depression and WWII through the eyes of a young girl… catching tadpoles in rice paddies, celebrating the Stars Festival, listening to mysterious Old Fox stories. One day a plane appears high in the sky, then the bombs come…


How did she survive, and what was her future?

Ms. Sugama Weldon shares the details of her culture and the bittersweet stories of her life in Japan. Growing up in poverty, tearfully leaving her home and family for a seemingly safer place in Tokyo, she is forced to look war in the face. Then the tall, pale strangers arrive. Yaeko learns about a new culture, bravely leaves everything behind for the sake of love, and begins an immigration story in the United States. Settle into a quiet corner with this little book that breaks cultural barriers. A rare Japanese memoir the whole family can enjoy. Includes illustrations, photos, glossary-concordance of Japanese terms used, Japanese children’s folk songs.

“A little book that is giant in feeling” – Lee Gooden, In The Fray Magazine

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