Using Ingram Spark and Amazon CreateSpace Together

Excellent, detailed articles are below on using both programs together, using the same ISBN (your own). Note the differences in book production and that you must NOT sign up for CreateSpace’s expanded distribution option.

  • If your book is already on CS but with a CS ISBN, you will have to upload new book files with your own ISBN and notify CS to remove the old book from sales – it may never disappear from the Amazon listings, though. If you have reviews, you can request CS transfer them to the new book listing.
  • If your book is already on CS with your own ISBN, no problem.
  • If your book is already on CS with your own ISBN and expanded distribution, remove it from the expanded distribution and wait a few weeks until the Ingram database reflects the removal before trying to upload to Spark. Hopefully you won’t run into problems with Spark rejection, although one author from Australia contacted me after having issues, which apparently could not be resolved without complete removal from CS.

How to Use Ingram Spark and CreateSpace Together by Karen Myers

Book Production Tips on Using CreateSpace and Ingram Spark Together by Jen Lang


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