Questions for Military Veterans

Some veterans are very willing to tell the stories of their military experiences, if only someone would ask. Some may be reticent, thinking no one cares or would understand, and it is our job to explain how important those personal stories are to let current and future generations realize that war is no faraway game. The stories can also help family and friends understand how a veteran’s experiences have impacted his life. Telling or writing about wartime experiences can have a healing effect. Once the door is opened, light can shrink the demons. We must, however, respect veterans who cannot bear to tell their stories.

Download pdf: Questions for Military Veterans

The Library of Congress collects certain audio and video interviews (external microphone preferred) and original journals and letters of war veterans as well as of civilian workers and volunteers who supported war efforts. If you are interested in contributing an interview, please read the entire website before the interview occurs.

Other organizations collect veteran war stories and/or artifacts also. Please contact them or carefully read instructions before interviewing or sending materials.


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