Book Publishing Resources

Ways to Publish Your Book

Is Independent Publishing For You?

Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for Print Books

Using IngramSpark for Print Books

Ebook Publishing

Using Ingram Spark and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Together for Print Books

Book Design and Layout and Using MS Word

Publishing an Educational Memoir

Preditors & Editors website (like the Better Business Bureau for publishing services)

Midwest Book Review reviews self-published books and contains a wealth of information on writing and publishing

Alliance of Independent Authors (How-To for Authors)

The Book Designer is Joel Friedlander, an expert on successful self-publishing for commercial sales

Jane Friedman is an expert on writing and on all the ways to publish for commercial sales

2 Responses to Book Publishing Resources

  1. G. Adams says:

    How do you find out when your book has been listed in the Ingram catalog and if B & T has listed it? We are a new publishing company learning the ropes.

  2. Hello, sorry to reply a bit late. Ingram is a different entity from B&T. If you are distributed by Ingram, I imagine your book gets into their online catalog(s) soon. I know they have several catalogs, although you may have to pay more to get into some, and they go out regularly – ask your representative, or your local bookstore or library. B&T is difficult to get into, at least for small publishers. Amazon CreateSpace Expanded Distribution uses B&T as well as Ingram, but best to read up on the not so good of Expanded Distribution.

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