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Mother’s Day, relationships, and missing moms

My Mother’s Days have been spent making sure my own mother was happy. Usually that made me happy, too, but really it was all about her. This time, I’m the only mom in the immediate picture, and I’m not ready … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day mother memoirs and stories

Sharon Lippincott’s latest post on The Heart and Craft of Life Writing blog, links to a list of Flavorwire’s 10 best mother memoirs. Sadly (to me), almost none of them are about women who were good mothers who led their children to be well-adjusted, … Continue reading

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The origin of Mother’s Day

I am loving the Facebook profile pics posted of everyone’s mothers. A Twitter friend remarked how glamorous they look in the old photos compared to us mothers today. Indeed, we live in much more casual times. The original Mother’s Day … Continue reading

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