Everyone has stories to tell. You may have had experiences common to many, but yours are very personal and in your own perspective. What may be “near history” now will someday be distant history, unfamiliar to those of younger generations. If the children are not interested now, they may be later as they age and create their own histories, and who knows what grandchild may be enthralled. Your stories are an everlasting gift to your family of who you are – a three-dimensional person who lived, loved, lost, learned, and created a legacy through a specific era of history. If you are interested in capturing your own stories of those of a parent or grandparent, don’t wait any longer. Each day is precious.

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Thanks:  A heartfelt thank you for your expertise and  recommendation that I “just go for it” when I was writing my family history. Your inspiration and encouragement really made a difference to me. – Theresa N.


Linda, as I go through your markup line by line, I see how REALLY good you are at this–and am appreciative. – Edwin, memoir author

An excellent job … You were extremely helpful and very professional. – Carl H.

I am most grateful for her challenging feedback and suggestions that unquestionably made the work better. Linda worked countless hours revising and reshaping the manuscript with me and showed great patience and sensitivity, revision after revision. – Tom D., author of an autobiography honoring his father

I truly appreciate your excellent professional work and advice in producing this book. I am very happy with the completed work. – Dennis S.


Book created using father’s WWII letters: This is so nice, it made me cry. – Wanda A., daughter

A mother’s childhood memoir: This turned out so nice. I need to order more copies. – Carolyn, daughter