Battlefield Doc

Memoirs of a Korean War Combat Medic

Korean War memoirWilliam “Doc” Anderson was a medic on the front lines during the Korean War. He wrote notes about his experiences and gave them to soldiers returning to the States to mail to his home address. Sixty some years after the war, the notes were edited into a book.

What was it like saving and losing lives, and how was it for the soldier on the ground battling not only a relentless enemy but blazing hot summers, below-zero winters, and monsoon rain and mud. Doc writes not about the history or politics or strategy, but about real experiences, what combat veterans wish they could forget and what everyone else should know and remember. The Korean War was never really over, and North Korea is still threatening.

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Exceptionally well written, deeply absorbing, as informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking …a compelling read from beginning to end. An invaluable addition to the growing library of Korean War memoirs and biographies.
Midwest Book Review

“His recollections serve not only as a valuable part of military history, but as a reminder of the humanity and inhumanity of war.”  – Deborah L. Marshall, founder of the Missouri Warrior Writers Project/Warriors Arts Alliance.

“Having served as an infantryman in Korea, I can attest to the high trust we had for our medics—they were always there for us regardless of the danger or difficult circumstances. As described in this memoir of a combat medic, the reader will understand the important role that medics play. The extreme value of combat medics will be attested to by every combat infantryman.”   – James N. Butcher, author of Korea: Traces of a forgotten war, 2013

“Doc’s book was outstanding – not to mention he was the luckiest guy in Korea. How he lived through that many combat patrols I’ll never know.” – Jim Campbell, author of War in the Land of the Morning Calm, 2012


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  1. Good luck with the book. A must read for sure.

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