Time to Play

Family games make great holiday gifts that help to bring kids and adults together. Parents, make time to play with your kids. My youngest daughter regularly asks if I will play a game with her. Too often, we say, “Not now, I’m busy,” or “Maybe later,” but later never comes. Sometimes we just don’t want to play Candyland.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to stop and make time for one game with your child? There is a sense of freedom and laissez-faire in being able to put aside your busy schedule and give your child your complete attention for just awhile. It is a real bonding experience that, trust me, thrills your child and makes him or her feel like you really think (s)he’s important in your life.

Stop your busy day sometime. The laundry, the errand, the little household repair will wait. There’s nothing like laughing and playing with a child to make you forget your cares and make your child love you more than ever. Drop everything and live for the moment. Playing keeps us young at heart – and, of course, makes for happy memories.


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