Time Out

The paragraph below was recently printed in “The New York Times,” part of a piece by Anne Marie Feld that was adapted from her book “Mommy Wars: Stay-At-Home and Career Moms Face Off on Their Choices, Their Lives, Their Families,” due out this March. Sounds like a very interesting book. This paragraph really struck me – as I strive for order and cleanliness in my home, it reminds me of the importance of taking time out, spending quality time with my family, because the good memories are the fun and joys of togetherness, not how clean the house was…

“In her insistence upon getting things done, on living an ordered life, my mother managed to miss out on the nourishing aspects of family life and life in general: laughing at silly things, lying spooned on the couch with your beloveds, sharing good food, the tactile delight of giggling children crawling all over you. Without this, family life is an endless series of menial tasks: counters and noses to wipe, dishes and bodies to wash, whites and colors to fold, again and again in soul-sucking succession.”


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Co-author of Cherry Blossoms in Twilight, a WWII Japan memoir of her mother's childhood; author of Poems That Come to Mind, for caregivers of dementia patients; Co-author/Editor of Battlefield Doc, a medic's memoir of combat duty during the Korean War; life writing enthusiast; loves history and culture (especially Japan), poetry, and cats
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