The Easter Tree

A few years ago my sister gave me an “Easter box.” Inside were many “ornaments” she had made to use for a Sunday School project. The “ornaments” are actually items, such as a piece of palm leaf or a felt lion or twin babies, that illustrate both Old and New Testament Bible stories. During Lent, one item is unwrapped from its tissue paper each night. A Bible verse is written on a slip of paper attached to the loop of thread that forms the hanger. My oldest daughter now thinks she’s too big for this, but my youngest enjoys guessing the meaning of the item and telling the story behind it – or looking up the verse to remind her. She then hangs the item on some barren tree branches I’ve placed in an old metal pitcher filled with stones to hold the branches in place. Often we forget to do an item each night and end up choosing several in one night. Usually we don’t even get to all the items, but that’s ok – it is supposed to be a fun way to remember the Bible stories, not a chore.

Our “Easter Tree” has now joined our traditions to celebrate the Easter story and rebirth. Someday the Easter box will be passed on for grandchildren to use and I hope they will think of their grandmother, or great aunt, who created it.


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