Cheese Blintzes and Family Trees

There was a lovely article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch this week about three women who created an album of their history spanning five generations. These cousins at first did not even know they were related and were excited to accidentally find each other. Thus it goes with big families! The fun part of their project was that they based their family history book on cooking. Coming from a Jewish heritage, their lives were often centered around the kitchen. They collected recipes from their oldest living generation, in their 80’s, who also shared their stories. Many recipes had to be adapted. You know how in the old days our mothers used a pinch of this and a handful of that. The resulting spiral-bound 8 ½ x 11 inch book contains 80 family recipes and a family tree. There is even a glossary of Jewish terms for the “goys” in the family.

I have to say, the photos of the beautifully golden cheese blintzes covered in sour cream and raspberries look SO delicious! My Japanese heritage doesn’t have anything like that!


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