A Little Thanks-Giving

This year we will have a small Thanksgiving celebration. We will not be traveling. No relatives will be visiting us, other than my mother. That’s the way it can go when you’ve moved away from all immediate family. Even our high school daughter will be an unpredictable guest due to a “must attend” school football game. Being a vegetarian, the traditional dinner is more than a little appalling to her anyway.

Oh, well. We will gather, probably during a pro-football halftime, and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. And there are many. So many that we usually take them for granted. It’s good to actually stop and give name to some of them. Yes, we in America are spoiled – rotten, I think – compared to a great many people in other countries.

This Thanksgiving we’ll go around the table and each say one thing we are thankful for, and say a prayer for the multitudes who have so much less. Although the company will be sparse, we will not really be “alone,” but all together. Family, small as it might be (or imperfect as it might be), is a blessing.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with blessings.


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