The Ice Storm Cometh

Well, what a week of weather! One day it is balmy enough to wear short pants, the next day we are scraping ice off the cars! School was called off Friday and many people were without power. I spent a lot of time chipping away at a 2-inch glacier on the windshield of our van only to uncover an arching crack across it, compliments of water expanding into ice in a little chip where gravel had hit the windshield. On the other hand, the sun today is making our iced trees shine like Christmas ornaments.

On cold, snowy winter days it is so nice to look out at the beauty from the warmth of indoors. It’s the perfect time to stay in and play a board game with the kids, decorate for the holidays, or bake cookies to help warm the house. Today I made dough from Auntie Kris’ famous gingerbread cookie recipe. The kids like to help, especially to watch the batter fizz up after pouring in the warm water mixed with baking soda (this recipe came from a chemistry class). My sister took the opportunity to write out her Christmas cards, which can also be a family activity – kids can put on the stamps and return address labels and add holiday stickers.

I hope this season finds everyone keeping warm, not only in the body but in the heart.


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