Family Newsletters… like Fruitcake?

Yesterday’s “Dear Abby” had a letter from someone who hated reading those newsletters that arrive with the Christmas cards. Abby reminded the person that the trash can is available. I think she missed the point. Why do people dislike those newsletters that come but once a year telling them how their friends have been doing? If you don’t care about someone’s life, why are you friends with them? Why are they on your Christmas card list?

Ok, some people do not write fun newsletters. Some newsletters drone on and on; but, there is a method of reading called “skimming.” Many newsletters sound like a brag session; if you are intimidated, you might want to work on your own self-esteem. Other people’s good fortune is not a reflection on you and has little direct relationship to happiness or the true meaning of success.

Each year I enjoy reading the few newsletters we get. Most are from people I never see or speak to all year, but were an important part of our lives at one time. I like hearing the basics about their lives, finding out who the kids are growing up to be, and especially seeing photo printouts of their happy faces. Our neighbor sends a newsletter sprinkled with humor as her two sons are bright, clever characters definitely worth writing about.

I enjoy getting those newsletters. I know people who ASK their old friends for news, any news about their lives. What I don’t enjoy is getting a Christmas card from a faraway friend and there is nothing but a signature…


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