A Series of Unfortunate Events

We are tired of having our power go on and off due to recent ice storms. We have been very lucky not to lose electricity for too long, but it is a lesson for us who have become one with our computers… and to children used to watching TV when they are not playing on the computer or with electronic games. My youngest proclaimed that we were pretending to be Amish as we read together and played games by candlelight. I was thinking more of Little House on the Prairie as our house began to chill and we had to use the fireplace. Yes, it is kind of fun to be forced to relinquish the work and have nothing else to do but play with the kids, although the winter nights seem very long in the dark – makes you want to go to bed early.

Another unfortunate event around here put our small seemingly idyllic suburban town into the national spotlight as two kidnapped boys were found stashed in an apartment here the other day. Every mother and many fathers must have cried with relief to see the boys reunited with their families. It was a time to hug our children and tell them again to never let a stranger get near, especially when he is in a vehicle.

Well, the unfortunate events had a silver lining of giving us time together without the intrusion of electronics and work, and we are so happy that not one but two missing boys were found. Now I must get back on track with my New Year’s resolution to exercise. Losing electrical power is not an excuse for losing will power!


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