The Mystery of Ourselves

Someone in my family recently emailed: “There are many books on the shelves, some are well-read with well-known authors; but others are closed and locked, no one to read them, each book a mystery. Who is the author? Is there a key that will unlock the soul and let the life story spill out from the confines of the cover? Patiently, the illustrations wait to come to life when (if) the story is told, until the final chapter … and when finally the story ends, it can be whispered to others … and the author lives on, no longer a mystery, no longer an author unknown.”

Each of us is a book with chapters and stories that beg to be told. People don’t always think to ask what is in the book, but chances are good they will be delighted to listen if you open the covers and begin to read. Other cultures, in other times, told stories by the fire. That was how lives were remembered and history learned.

Sometimes we are afraid to open the book and spill the contents. What if the stories are embarrassing, or we have made mistakes or have failed? These are the stories that may be the most valuable, allowing others to learn from our own experiences or to have hope that they may rise above their own mistakes. These stories show us as the imperfect beings we all are and can help others relate to us better. These are the stories that can draw others closer and open the lines of communication.

Think about opening the pages of your own book, sharing yourself with those you love.


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