Family Vacation in Paradise

Our family recently returned from a trip to the Bahamas, compliments of the Dad’s business trip. The rest of us just couldn’t help but follow him to Paradise Island. While I won’t say it was relaxing for me as I followed my youngest daughter around the water park every day at the resort or accompanied my teenager on shopping excursions, it was wonderful to spend a lot of time with the girls. I had been very busy before we left and my little girl was feeling neglected so she really enjoyed my nearly undivided attention for the week. It was great to spend time with my usually on-the-go teenager, too (she even got me to go down a couple big water slides with her). While my husband was either working or golfing, us girls had a lot of fun together. We came home tan and tired!

Vacations can actually be a lot of extra work for mothers who in general not only have to prepare job, house and pets for leaving, pack for most of the family, still take care of the kids and, once home again, wash piles of laundry. But, the time spent away from everyday chores allows us to focus almost solely on our family members and get to really know them again as we play together, laugh together, talk together, and perhaps see and learn new things together. What a great escape that enables us to share feelings and experiences, making memories all together.

PS: No, we did not go to Anna Nicole’s funeral even though it was nearby and a certain teenager was not happy about missing it.


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