Finding The Perfect Prom Dress

During the kids’ spring break, we went up to the Chicago area to help my sister celebrate her birthday. While we were visiting, my teen daughter insisted on looking for prom dresses hoping to find one that would be unique back in her home town. She and her cousin searched a few shops, eschewing the less-expensive department stores and going for the higher end dress shops to my dismay. I had warned them I would not pay several hundred dollars for a gown that wasn’t a wedding dress! Well, they finally found something they liked and returned just as dinner was set to fetch me, the owner of the credit card. Daughter, mother and grandmother immediately rushed to the next town to approve this special treasure and capture it before anyone else could.

Oh, it is lovely. As my daughter modeled in the hallway we all oohed and ahhed. My sister showed me how to set the modest train once shoes were bought, and then sewed some loose beads in more firmly as I watched and learned. It was quite an exciting experience for all us girls, and so fun to have my mother, sister and niece share it with us.

My daughter will be paying part of the cost, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared. My mother commented on the beautifully elegant white gown saying that perhaps if my daughter did not gain weight she could save the dress to get married in! Well, that’s a good thought for us cheapskates.


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