High School Seniors and College Choices

Here’s another scary topic for Halloween—choosing a college. If there is a high school senior in your life (or in your neighborhood) may it’s a good idea to refrain from even saying the word “college” this year. From watching my own senior and her friends and our nieces, I see how stressed they are. This is a big choice—exciting, yes, but BIG! And how do you make such a big decision when you don’t really know what your choices of colleges are like (despite the visits), or whether or not college life is for you in the first place, or what in the world your major is going to be. Aaaggghhh! It’s a lot of pressure. And then there are those ACT and SAT tests… the retakes… the waiting for results.

The one good thing about this period of your child’s life is that you get to have some serious talks and some nice times together visiting colleges. In our case, my husband has been taking time off work to accompany his daughter on these visits while I stay home with the younger child. He’s usually a busy guy running his small company and when he’s at home (and awake) this daughter is usually out, so what a great experience for him to get to know his oldest child better. It has also been a good experience for the both of us to know our “baby” can now drive her car for hours at a time on a major highway, no problem. She’s a good driver!

If you are wanting to give your senior high school child a good Christmas or birthday present this year, take a look at Andy Master’s website, http://www.life-after-college.com/. He does have that great book “Life After College” for the graduating university student, but he also has a couple other books (see under “Products”) that are great for your off-to-university student called “37 Keys to College Success,” which is about balancing school and life, and “37 Keys to Greek Success” for those contemplating frat or sorority life. Andy travels around the country presenting to university freshman groups his own insights into college life and encouraging successful and responsible behaviors in a way that attracts young students instead of turning them off… could help that he’s a tall, blond and handsome young man full of energy, but his books are a parent’s best friend!

Actually, the REALLY scary part of having a high school senior is the cost of the senior photos!!!


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  1. I know, those senior photos. crazy…maybe we should choose a new profession. . .but about the college choices, it is so huge in our kids lives…i met my husband in college. . .the rest of your life happens in college. . .the best advice sometimes for a senior in high school is to ask other people their stories of how they made the decision about which college to go to . . .

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