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I discovered a wonderful website that will help you write the story of your life, or that of someone else that you care about, at . Basic GreatLifeStories service is free. You can type up your personal memories or family history and include photos or videos. All are stored on the GreatLifeStories website in your own special section. Access to your stories can be limited to Friends & Family or shared with interested visitors. It is easy to publish your story and print out versions to share. I am working on my own right now. This site makes things really easy by providing all the questions and plenty of space to type in. Answer those questions you choose, type what you want. It’s great! Try it and see!


About moonbridgebooks

Co-author of Cherry Blossoms in Twilight, a WWII Japan memoir of her mother's childhood; author of Poems That Come to Mind, for caregivers of dementia patients; Co-author/Editor of Battlefield Doc, a medic's memoir of combat duty during the Korean War; life writing enthusiast; loves history and culture (especially Japan), poetry, and cats
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  1. Dear Linda: I want to thank you for dropping by my blog. I, of course, had to return the favor. I’m so glad that you have The Frugal Editor. I know it will help many. It’s such a practical approach to editing. Most people don’t think of their editing as part of their marketing. (-:Love Great Life Stories. I’m writing a memoir, so I’ll be back! Best,Carolyn

  2. Just a qucik drop in to thank you for visiting my blog, and to tell you that is a GREAT topic for a seminar. And in my opinion that is exactly the reason that there is a stigma attached to a press a book is published on. Trouble is, like all prejudices, it’s judging the whole by the few (or even by the many) and we all lose with that kind of an attitude. Still, YOU are doing something about changing that. (-:Thank you for recommending The Frugal Editor. I hope your students all benefit…in fact, know they will. Best,Carolyn

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