Lifewriting—What If The Kids Don’t Care?

Last week, I gave a presentation to a group of senior folks and thought to mention how important their stories are even though their families might not be interested in them. Perhaps their children will be seniors themselves before they are interested, perhaps it will be the grandchildren or great-grandchildren who appreciate the wonders of the stories. One woman told me her teen grand-daughter was so excited to find and read a book of her old memories, saying, “Grandma, I just read the best book ever! It’s the one you wrote!”

A January 21 post in The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing blog mentions an article from the Denver Post of that same date called , “Ordinary Families Make History, Too.” A couple of Colorado writers, Irv Green and Andrea Gross, have a business of creating heirloom family story books and noticed that it was often the grandchildren who were more interested in the family stories rather than the grown children of the customers. “I thought it’d be the grandmother writing for her 50-year-old son, but it was the 11-year-old grandchildren going bonkers over the stories,” Gross said. And, that’s about what I say at presentations—you never know who will enjoy the old memories or at what age they will become interested, so write down or tell those stories anyway. If not now, then someday someone will be glad you did.


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  1. I just barged into the doors of the blogosphere some weeks back writing about my life story. I did not expect to be read, far from it. That readers are coming in and telling me they enjoy it is a big surprise.

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