Quirks Make Life More Fun!

Aaack – I’ve been tagged! As I child, tag was one of my favorite games and I was good at it. Not that I was such a fast runner, but I knew to zig and zag and could stop on a dime and dart off in another direction. I thought I gave that game up in childhood, but now I see it is played by grown bloggers!

Sharon at Ritergal tagged me in a game of Name Your Quirks tag. According to the rules, I’m supposed to

Link to the person who tagged me.
Mention the rules in my blog.
Talk about six unspectacular(?) quirks of mine.
Tag a new set of six bloggers by linking to them.
So, here goes with the quirks:

1) Whenever my hands are at rest, they close up into fists (like my sister’s).
2) I have Jay Leno hair – the white is mostly in the bangs
3) I am lactose-intolerant, but still dare to eat ice cream (who can resist?)
4) I often read articles backwards; if the end is good then I skim backwards
5) I feel bad if I kill a bug, ‘cause all God’s creatures want to live
6) I recently bought a yellow Mustang (used and souped up) for my mid-life crisis

Well, number 6 is not “unspectacular” in my eyes! Of course, my 18-year-old daughter keeps driving off with it so I got a practical little Mazda, too, but just wait until the girl leaves for college and it’s all mine!

It was fun thinking of what my quirks are. My family can probably name more, but I’m not asking! Those quirks make us very human and more likeable to others – who wants to hang around somebody who seems perfect?! So, when you’re writing your life stories, don’t forget to spice them up with your imperfections and oddities.

Hmmm, who can I tag… how about Karen at Write Now, Marlys at WriteYour Life, Kristin at Shanghai Adventures, and let’s see if Cornelia responds on Writer Mom Musings. How ‘bout I only bother four. I’m such a spoil sport (my 7th quirk).

Thank goodness there are no blogging chain letters… or are there? Bwahahaha…


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