There is a new weekly newspaper insert appearing in some of the major papers, especially in the Midwest. The website states “By celebrating both our differences and commonalities, RiseUp aims to help build stronger communities, cities, nations and a stronger world.” I love it. This week’s insert in my local paper carried quite a few interesting articles on various subjects, including one on DNA and race.

The June 27-July 3 publication also carries Toy Story, by Diane Nichols. Unfortunately it is not available online. The article grew out of a bumper sticker, “He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins,” that Ms. Nichols saw on the expensive Cadillac Escalade ahead of her old Toyota. She began to reflect on the meaning of success and her own life’s journey – what meant the most to her.

No matter our status in life, she notes, we all face the same end. Our obituaries will not mention all our wonderful or impressive possessions, rather they will list our family ties, our churches, the causes we supported, our service to others and our country. The greatest legacy is that of love and caring, leaving the world a better place, leaving our families and others with good memories. Nichols wishes she could write a new bumper sticker for the Escalade driver:

“He Who Dies With The Most Toys Should Have Had A Yard Sale.”

Hope you’ll be collecting fun family memories as you celebrate July 4th!


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