War Stories

August marks the anniversary of the end of WWII. Our greatest generation is leaving us, so be sure to gather any survivors in your family, military or civilian, and hug them and listen to their stories. Each of those remaining in that generation is a living history book done in personal narrative – no dry facts, but fascinating and inspirational and tragic accounts of what really happened. Learn while you can.

Unfortunately, WWII is just one of many wars in history. We can learn from each of these wars and can only hope to use what we learn to prevent, manage or recover from other wars. What we don’t remember we are destined to repeat. Barry Yelton, author of Scarecrow in Gray: A Civil War Novel, writes a fine essay on his blog commemorating Robert E. Lee, a courageous, moral and religious man who chose to lead the fight of his people in the South but left us with some important lessons still pertinent today. Barry also wrote a beautiful poem to honor an elderly uncle, last remaining sibling of fourteen, who had war stories to tell. Stop by his blog for a thoughtful read.


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