Dora the Explorer and Storytelling

Even Dora the Explorer’s family tells stories at the dinner table. “Do you like to eat dinner with your family?” “Do you like to hear stories?” Dora proceeds into an episode of how she met Boots, her monkey friend, on her very first exploring trip where Boots helps her outfox Swiper. She then asks Boots to join her as a fellow explorer and they have their first adventure where they get “chased” by falling acorns and, of course, help someone out.

I found a great story arts website page with tips about gathering stories from family members. It’s actually for teachers, but then aren’t we all teachers (and learners) in our own way? It all begins with asking questions. Don’t stop at those basic life questions either – my mom has some great ghost stories she heard when she was a child!

Come on! Vamanos! Let’s go tell our stories, too!


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