Trunk or Treat – Ten Tips For a New Halloween Tradition

Sunday afternoon our church tried a “Trunk or Treat” for the first time. Kids under ten years were invited to dress in costume and trick-or-treat from the back ends of one decorated vehicle to another. Being the first time, many of us didn’t realize just how wild we could make a car trunk or van back. Well, “The Amazing Dog Boy,” showed us just how good it could get. Complete with top-hatted carnival barker telling a cursed tail of what lay behind the curtain, the van held a little white dog body with a real talking and woof-woofing man’s head! Waaaay cool! It was the hit of the party! (Sorry, no spoiler pics.) Next year, watch out…

On the political front, one van came dressed for the election with a child costumed as a walking ballot box. Vote, vote, vote! (I’ll spill the results of the upcoming election and tell you that Obama’s side was overflowing with candy.)

Some tips for your own school, church or community trunk-or-treat:

-Pick a theme
-Use the entire trunk, inside, outside, all around, even roof or back windows
-Include a fun game (mini basketball toss, pick a rubber duck, bean bag toss)
-Play some theme music (not too loud)
-Use lights if your vehicle has an outlet
-Adults, dress up!
-Go easy on the scare and gore – little kids are coming
-Consider other activities such as facepainting, tattoos, contests, costume parade
-Bring chairs and your own refreshments
-Bring jackets or blankets!

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