Obama Hopes and Memories

Surely everyone but the most cynical of Republicans couldn’t help but be excited by the hopes of a Brave New World as Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th President today. Even President Bush seemed happy (I’d be happy to leave big messes to someone else, too!). Will you remember this day forever? Where were you, what did you think, what did you feel? Did you like the poem, did you love Aretha’s song? Did you have tears, did you have doubts? Did you impress anything upon your children this day? What stories will you tell about this day to your grandchildren? And how will those stories be coloured after four years of Obama’s presidency?

What a beautiful family we have in the White House now. Fresh, young, intelligent, attractive, and so historically meaningful. It is easy to expect big changes, but I hope no one expects miracles – Barack really doesn’t walk on water, and he will not be able to feed the 5000 with a few fishes and loaves. The only real miracle he provides is the one that has been in hearts around the world since November. Downtrodden, cynical, tired hearts have been recharged by the electric thought of a jump start in America, the country that most affects the world. Agree with Obama’s democratic beliefs or not, we can smell the change in the air and can feel tremors of excitement as we face the near future. One man cannot do it all alone, not all of us will be made happy, not all the problems fixed, but may our hearts continue to be fed by the miracle of hope, and may we be left with good memories of the Obama years.


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