Snow Days – Are You Too Old to Play?

Culture Feast carried a Feb 3 post, “A Grown-Up Snow Day,” mentioning the initial thrill of being able to sleep late on those rare days when your office shuts down due to weather… until you have to get up and tackle the human snow plow activities of the day, and then household chores. “What do you do on snow days?” Jenny Hammitt asks.

Most of us above the Mason-Dixon line have seen plenty of snow this winter. While some folks have had to slip-slide their way to work anyway, others are able to work from home on bad days or the office actually does shut down. Some have to stay home with kids off from school. The kids sure know how to have fun in the snow, but do you?

Turn loose your inner kid! After you’ve finished the shoveling and rested with a cup of hot cocoa, tea or coffee, have a little fun! Don’t you deserve it? If you’ve got kids, join them in sledding or making snowmen. Personally, I like to make snow ponies for the kids to ride on, with yew clippings for manes, but recently saw a photo online of someone’s snow kitty – how cute! One year adults joined the neighborhood kids in a big snowball fight. It’s fun, too, to put on the boots and take a walk in the snow – providing it’s not thigh-high. Our lab-mix, Buddy, loves snow and loved to participate in snowball fights and chases and go along for walks in the white stuff. He’s too old now, but still enjoys sticking his nose into the whiteness, adding to his already white muzzle.

This reminds me of the old days when I was a kid and global warming was global cooling. We had so much snow in the Midwest that most winters my dad made an igloo for us, with stairs to a steep sled run on top. Ah, those were the days.


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