Storytelling tips for the job interview

My neighbor, the Cookie Queen, who makes memories each year with her annual holiday open house brimming with a vast assortment of home made cookies, is also a consultant in the field of chemistry and chemistry careers. She brought the following blog post from Career Solvers to my attention: What Your Grandparents Can Teach You About Interviewing.

Barbara Safrani, an expert on resume development, job search strategies, and interviewing skills, recently attended a workshop on storytelling and learned tips on how to be a better story teller as well as a better listener. She merged those ideas with her business knowledge in her blog post. In these trying times when so many are out of work and desperately searching for new jobs, I felt Barbara’s post was a very pertinent and practical use of life stories.

Four points to consider when interviewing include the fact that everyone has their own, unique individual stories of success in their past jobs, that the details are more fascinating than the general facts, that communicating successes and challenges showcases passion, and that a personal story creates a way of bonding with the interviewer. Highlighting your past work experiences in a personal way may help you stand out among other candidates. Good luck and best wishes to those in the midst of a job search (you may want to follow Barbara’s blog).


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