Getting ready for the new year by contemplating the past

Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, a Christian publishing company, has a wonderful blog post addressing this time of the year between Christmas and New Year’s which, he says, is one of the most unproductive times of the year. (I beg to differ as that’s when I get caught up on a lot.) Businesses get quiet as employees and customers take time off, kids are at home and underfoot, only the retailers are scurrying (hopefully). Hyatt tells us this is a time to reflect on the past year as we look forward to the future, and follows with Seven Questions to Ask About Last Year:

1. If the last year were made into a movie of your life, what would the genre be?

2. What were the two or three major themes that kept recurring

3. What did you accomplish this past year that you are most proud of?

4. What do you feel you should have been acknowledged for but weren’t?

5. What disappointments or regrets did you experience this past year?

6. What was missing from this past year as you look back?

7. What were the major life lessons you learned this past year?

These are perfect questions for anyone interested in life writing, even if you are not planning to start life writing soon. Writing down the answers to all or even some of these questions is making a roadmap of the trip you have taken, marking in yellow the important landmarks, creating a guide to your own life that you or others may want to examine later. Grab a notebook and visit Mr. Hyatt’s post.


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  1. Kim says:

    I printed these questions out to think about and discuss around the dinner table. Thank you!

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