Veterans History Project Honors Veterans and their Stories

Honor and best wishes to all our veterans, especially today. And good news for all of us  – the Missouri Veterans Stories website has been saved from the pile of budget cuts! Rep Jill Schupp of Creve Coeur headed the drive with the University of Missouri and the Missouri Historical Society as well as volunteers and veterans to create the Missouri Veterans History Project at the University of Missouri-Columbia (go Mizzou!).  Today the university will unveil the new lower-cost version of the old program. Volunteer videographers will work with veterans to record their stories with the assistance of the university’s equipment, researchers and journalism grad students. Mizzou administrators are even thinking of developing a special credited course for students to work on the program. The Missouri Veterans Commission will help to c vets with the program.

Other states may also have veteran stories projects. The Library of Congress has the national Veterans History Project which archives personal narratives of war veterans in any form as well as photos and letters. The project also collects stories of citizens actively supporting the war effort through factory work, USO, medical services, etc. Visitors to the website can see or read about some of the veterans’ stories. Even the Chicken Soup publishers are looking for war memories!
Public Library of Cincinnati Veterans History Project

Post your flag outside and sit down with a veteran to honor his life, his patriotism, his sacrifices by asking for some old war stories.


Article from the Missourian of Columbia, MO, about the Missouri Veterans History Project

Gainesville Sun article about Florida projects


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