The effects of heritage – NaPoWriMo Day3

Today was even more beautiful than yesterday, so again I worked in the garden, this time doing more strenuous labor of weeding, edging, hauling big bags of mulch around, and pulling out a dead Japanese maple. Manual labor like this is something I’ve done since I was a teen – the only kid in the neighborhood tough enough to dig out an entire row of hedges by the roots. My sister is like this, too, tenacious and tough, not afraid of hard labor. Is it genetic or learned? What traits did you inherit from your parents?

My sister and I
Are stereotypes.
Japanese and Dutch,
What a combination.
The Japanese are known
For ganbare and gaman –
Do your best and persevere.
The Dutch are known
For their stubbornness.

Our husbands are lucky men
To be married to work horses
Who plow their fields
And put dinner on the table
That tastes better than hay.
Who knows what this

bulbous plant is? It doesn’t bloom
but somehow appears in spots
all over the yard.


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