Your hobbies help define you – NaPoWriMo Day23

This morning I was in charge of the face painting table at the church’s Easter Egg hunt extravaganza sponsored by the youths. Thought I’d have to help paint a couple hundred little faces, but once the paints were set out plenty of teens zoomed in to take over. I am pretty much retired from professional face painting – it can be hard on the back – but I have loved it. Very rewarding to see eyes light up and hear the awed thanks from happy kids, and I don’t have to worry where to put the art I make as it just walks away. So creative, too: “Can you do a princess?” “Will you make me into a tiger?” “I want a turkey.” Well, there was that one time I turned a little boy into a tiger and he was afraid of himself and had to have his face washed off. Do you have a hobby you love? If so, that’s a part of who you are, probably more so than a tedious job. Maybe you want to mention it in your life story.

There is a special joy
In creating.
Something comes of nothing
And someone is happy,
Even if it’s only you.

(Gogyohka is a recent poetic form from Japan, easy for anyone to write. Five lines. That’s it!)


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