Lost in a book? Write a book proposal – NaPoWriMo Day26

I drove behind a lost person today. It was very annoying. She crept along the off ramp straddling two lanes, a line of cars backing up behind her. She paused between left and right, meandered left then flicked her turn signal on and off at several oncoming left turn options before finally choosing a strip mall lot to enter. Her behavior reminded me of the importance of doing book proposals – yes, it did.

One major benefit of completing a book proposal is determining the theme or focus of the book – what is the point, what is the message, where are you going. Say it in less than sixty seconds. Focus keeps us from meandering all over the place getting lost in the writing. Actually, when writing anything, whether business letter or school essay or memoir or media release, determining focus is important. Especially in today’s world of busyness and short attention spans, writing clearly along a path is necessary to keep most people reading in the first place. That and a good hook.

Lost in a crowd of words,
Picking and choosing the way,
Eyes on the star,
Find the pathway to truth
At the end of the day.

See Patricia Fry’s explanation of Synopsis


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