Know any good songs? Write them into your story – NaPoWriMo Day29

My youngest daughter is playing Wii Rock Band, hoping to hit the expert level on lead guitar. She tells me, “So now I know all these old songs.” Oh. I’d been enjoying all the great music banging out of my living room. Guess I’m an old rocker now.

Are there any songs that have special meaning to you? Besides wedding day songs, music from college days and younger seem to carry the most memories. Think way back to when you were little—what children’s songs do you remember? I have a 45rpm record, made in a little booth similar to those photo booths in the malls, that carries my and my sister’s scratchy voices singing “I’m a Little Acorn Brown” and a Japanese children’s song, “Ame Ame,” about rain. Our mother taught us just a few Japanese songs which my sister and I now treasure. I included those songs in my mother’s memoir. Some are on audio under the Cherry Blossoms book tab above. If you’re writing stories of your childhood, think about including a few songs, ditties, jump rope sing-songs—a little bit of music history. Fudge, fudge, call the judge.

Sing a little song
Of six pence or a dime,
Reminding us of childhood
In a little rhyme.
Sing it to your children,
Sing out all the lines,
Let it come alive again
To keep it for all time.

PS: Technology changes, so if you have video or audio tapes of important family moments, remember to transfer to the newer technology before it’s too late. What am I going to do with that 45 record!?


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2 Responses to Know any good songs? Write them into your story – NaPoWriMo Day29

  1. Linda says:

    You and I are on the same wave length. My next blog post on my memoir-writing blog is about songs that have been part of our stories. May I put a link to your blog post here for my readers? I hope so. :)Have a great day!Linda

  2. Linda Austin says:

    Sure, Linda, and thanks. I'll watch for your blogpost.

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