Talking to elder folks and elder folks talking

I like to check in on a blog called Depression Cookies by a mother-daughter team who have together written a novel, called Depression Cookies, about a mother and daughter who both “come of age” in different ways. Tia Bach, the (grown-up) daughter half, recently wrote an enlightening post at the request of her own grown-up daughter considering how she and other “olders” talk to each other about their lives in ways that might be discouraging or off-putting to younger people. Tia finishes by summarizing a Family Circle article she saved that speaks to “youngers” about understanding what the “olders” are going through at that stage of their lives. For all ages, learning to communicate positively with each other keeps the relationships going – and it takes everyone’s efforts to make a visit a good time. (Pay special attention to Tia’s point #4.)

>Oh, and here’s the recipe for their Depression Cookies – not what you’d think.

Linda Austin
“Cherry Blossoms in Twilight”


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