Father’s Day: Older dads vs new dads

Father’s Day is coming up and most of us are lucky to have good thoughts and memories of our dads. An article on the Yahoo home page, “What I Learned From My Dad,” caught my eye. The recent generation of fathers tends to be a loving, hands-on bunch expected by their wives to help out with the kids and the housework. Not sure about the housework, but most seem to enjoy helping take care of the kids. Our older generation dads were expected to be the breadwinner, and the kids were the stay-home mom’s job. That’s just the way it was – until moms started going out to work and having careers. Our dads did love us – they showed it by how hard they worked and by providing for their families. Many showed love to their kids by making them work hard, by demanding upright behavior, and by using strict discipline, and sadly there were times when the belt was involved because that’s how their fathers had disciplined. My dad never had to spank his daughters because he had “the voice” that would send us scurrying to do as we were told. He did dry dishes, and since my mom couldn’t read English well he was the one who read us bedtime stories. Apparently over and over, as my favorite was My Dolly and Me, again and again and again. When we got older, he helped with homework and took us to the public library every couple weeks. What are your childhood memories of your dad?

Today on Twitter, the topic #ilovemydadeventhough is trending. Here are some posts:


@NicNic_Love he ruined my dinner last night by not bringin any bbq & then tellin me my chinese food was fried cat.

@hOTPINK_ClouD he is always ALL up in my business. but he does it cause he loves me..

@MsVCU09 he makes me work hard to get anything.. no freebies over here!!

@Kookla38 he would embarrass me our HS parties by singing and dancing to Al Green all the time! lol. He still does this often.

@RMeagherAtroefy the way he woke me up in the mornings still traumatizes me.

@Kate_Caldwell Wait wait, can we change this to #ilovemystepdad? RT If your stepdad is the best dad out there!

@ICOnic_adi im never gonna be good enough for him..:(

@ItsmeBMACK he has to love me from the sky…R.I.P. Daddy…happy father’s day

@Axxx I never meet and know him. Happy fathers day. Would love to meet u someday. Please come back

@Jxxxx hes never been there for me. i love the person he has potential to be


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  1. evf says:

    Great post! My parents had 9 kids, I was the youngest. My dad was always proud he never had to spank me, he also had "the voice".

  2. Linda Austin says:

    Thanks for stopping by

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