Karen Walker’s Do’s and Don’ts of Memoir Writing

Karen Walker, author of Following the Whispers, a memoir of healing, has just finished a blog tour and posted some great advice for memoir writers. Do’s and Don’ts of Memoir Writing offers seven tips for those who think they will have a memoir that’s sellable to the general public, although anyone, whether writing for family or public, can learn something from this post, with special attention to #6. Another good post of Karen’s to read for inspiration if your past is not so pleasant is The Liberating Effects of Writing Memoir.

Speaking of unpleasant pasts, this week I’ll start reading Boyd Lemon’s Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages, a memoir of one man’s bravery in digging deep to discover how his three marriages failed and the part he played in that. It can’t be easy to look at your own life objectively, not to mention that of ex-spouses!

Linda Austin
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