Family Games for Large Crowds

One of the really fun things to do during those holiday visits with all the relatives is to play games – all together now. A number of games can be played at large gatherings by simply making many and/or large teams. Teams should ideally be of mixed families, ages, and abilities to be fair and to avoid problems with overly-competitive groups. Children too young to play well can be helpers.

The ever-popular Pictionary can be played using a chalkboard or dry-erase whiteboard so that the whole crew can see what’s being drawn. Alternately, a big pad of newsprint can be used. “All Plays” have to be counted as missed turns unless you have another drawing board or another large paper pad.

Trivial Pursuit is another old game that can be played with many and large teams. Try out the related, but new and higher-tech, Scene-It games that use DVDs (included). The Harry Potter and Disney editions look particularly good for mixed ages to play.

The object of Taboo is to get your team to guess what word or phrase is on your card – without you saying any of a list of taboo words on the bottom of that card. How many cards can you go through before the timer goes off?

Guesstures is a charades-type game with a timer. It is good for laughs, but is not for the uptight person – although it sure is fun to watch the slightly inhibited get uninhibited. It is good for the soul to loosen up a little.

Finally, there’s The Family Fun Game, new from Cranium, which looks promising. What do we do with the frogs?

The family that plays together stays together, isn’t that the old saying? So, gather together and make the holiday a happy, fun memory.


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