Christmas Afterthoughts

We are back home from our holiday visiting with my beloved relatives. I am fortunate that we get along so well and our visits always seem too short. We were not even able to play any of the family games we brought, but we did have a great time doing the annual puzzles.

Dad got an interesting puzzle mystery for Christmas called “C is for Chocolate.” We had to read a short story and then put together two puzzles out of one big mess of pieces, with no pictures to help, and then solve a murder mystery based on the short story and these before and after puzzle-crime scenes. Once we got past the annoyance of having to piece together the scenes without even knowing what they were to look like, it became fun and it really was fun to figure out “who done it.” I’m not going to tell.

My sister, mom, and I visited an old high school friend of mine and her family that we hadn’t seen in ages and had a great time laughing and reminiscing and talking about how we had changed (or not). And, it is always amazing to see how the kids have grown. Old friends… family… that’s what sharing Christmas is about – love and relationships.

I think about other people, other families, who don’t have the good relationships, or who have suffered loss over the past year. For them Christmas must have been difficult. I can only hope that those with imperfect relationships can see past the annoyances and grievances to the bonds and experiences that are shared, and that they can find a shred of humor in the imperfections – attitude can be everything. Let the tough moments blow past you, and just think about the crazy stories you can tell your friends when you get home. For those suffering from loss of loved ones, I hope that the memories were sweet and that there was peace and comfort in those memories that brought together the hearts of all those around who shared the loss.

As the new year is around the corner, take a little time to think backwards and bask in the memories – the good ones – and begin to imagine new good memories ahead. Perhaps the New Year Resolution can be to find the time and the ways to make those good memories happen.


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