What’s Your Story?

Last Sunday I visited Crosswinds Church, a young upstart in Plainfield, IL, led by a nuclear engineer and a juggler/entertainer (my brother-in-law: you can imagine the magical children’s sermons he does). Pastor John (the engineer) spoke about ways to pass on the message of Jesus in a sermon about evangelism, which can be defined as “one beggar telling another where to find bread.” The title of his sermon was “What’s Your Story?”

What’s your story? Is there a message in your life that would be of benefit to others? Some people have had life-changing experiences, or have persevered through or overcome great hurdles. Some people have experiences that would enlighten others to new perspectives and understanding. Pastor John stated that the Christian story is an important one to tell, but what really draws people to listen is the personal stories of how one’s life is affected by faith. I say that many people have stories, religious or not, that have important messages of faith, hope, and love that are important to share. Go, and spread the word.


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