Learning from Experience

“We learn not from our experiences, but from intelligent reflection upon those experiences.”

I found this bit of wisdom on the website of a lucky young man. Scott Ginsberg, a fellow Board member of a local publishing group I belong to, was just on 20/20 talking about being open and approachable to new people which can lead not just to a happier life but can open the doors to new and great experiences. Some would call it luck, but I think Scott would say it’s having a positive and friendly attitude. And Scott should know — at a mere 27 years old he is an international speaker on the power of approachability and has worn a name tag 24/7 for 5 years straight to encourage friendliness in a world of strangers.

Scott’s latest blog entry is all about learning from experience. He advises to write down your interesting experiences, good or bad, in order to better reflect on it. For those writing their memoirs, this is a great idea. So many of us have experiences that we and others can learn from, some really major events that may even have been terrible at the time but have helped form us into better people. More understanding people. Those who are smart will stop and learn from the past. Others will be like rabbits, on to the next thing, living on instinct (not to put down rabbits which actually are smarter than you think, but that’s another story).

Anyway, the point is to catch your experiences or your parents’ or grandparents’ experiences and be amazed, laugh, cry, get angry, but above all LEARN.

“Because that which goes unrecorded goes unmemorable. And because if you don’t write it down, it never happened.” -Scott Ginsberg



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