Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue

From the end of May through July 4th is the most patriotic time of year. Between Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day I keep several flags around our front door not just because I feel pride in my country (while it may not be perfect it is the best country in the world, in my opinion), but to show my respect to the brave men and women of the military. Now these people have stories. If you know a veteran, ask them about their service sometime.

Unfortunately, I just found out that I am not honoring my country properly. Our local newspaper ran an article about how to display the flag and I learned that all these years I have been putting up my little flag banner on it’s horizontal staff with the blue field of stars on the wrong side! The stars go on the upper left as you face the flag if it is hanging straight downward. To me that seems backward, and so that’s how I’ll be remembering in the future… hang the flag backwards. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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