Sound Memories

While certain scents can cause a stream of memories to flow, sound can also do the same. Blue jays and mourning doves calling remind me of waking up in a camping trailer, lying in that pull-out bed of the Coleman pop-up, listening to a woodland morning. Songs are big sources of memories … “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies playing on the bus to school (am I dating myself, or what?!), “Walkin’ on Sunshine” playing on the bus to a track meet on a sunny day. Obviously I spent a lot of time on school buses in my youth. “The Long and Winding Road” is the song of my first love, and his senior prom theme. I remember ironing to a Led Zeppelin record while waiting for my boyfriend to call (Mom must not have been in the house). I even remember hanging clothes on the line while a little transistor set on WLS Chicago played Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen” Isn’t it funny how I remember very specific moments of youth when I think of these songs, and I don’t really have many memories associated with more recent songs.

Someone sent me a “tag” email with a link to a website identifying the number one song on every date since the 1890’s. The object is to see find the number one song on your birth date, but I enjoyed looking through the songs titles from when I was old enough to listen to the radio. Perusing the site though, I managed to end up on an Amazon page for the CD Songs That Got Us Through WWII. The reviews were great, with a number of people buying the CD for their grandparents who loved it! Thought I’d pass this along in case you’re looking for a Christmas present for anyone who was young during those years. Amazon has fast delivery, as well as gift delivery.

By the way, since there is a dearth of songs about Hannukah I’ll pass this along: Adam Sandler has a waay crazy Hannukah Song. Whether this becomes a memorable tradition for those of the Jewish faith remains to be seen…


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