Old Time Holiday Films

Do you love those old films of holiday time: White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, It’s A Wonderful Life. Even 1983’s crazy A Christmas Story, set in the 1940’s, holds a special place in our hearts… “you’ll shoot your eye out!” I also love the films from my own childhood in the 60s, especially Rudolph which I remember seeing for the first time in color when I was maybe seven years old. My sister and I had gas-station blow-up reindeer we made prance around. Each year now I have to get out the tape my sister bought me of film shorts of Suzy Snowflake, an ancient cartoon Frosty the Snowman (what a hoot!), and Hard Rock, Cocoa and (low voice) Joe. Now you, too, can see them on YouTube! These Chicagoland film shorts seem to accompany Norelco shaving commercials where an electric razor whizzes down a snowy slope – did I remember that right?!

Brian Kavanaugh, film producer and author of British mystery books, has posted a beautifully old-fashioned video Christmas greeting on his December 12 Amazon blog post. The film clip is from 1898! Take a look.


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