A Christmas Story

I have just discovered that the movie A Christmas Story, set in the 1940’s Midwest, celebrated its 25th anniversary last month and, of course, is still going strong as arguably THE Christmas movie we can most relate to. The movie attracts not only those in my middle-age group who grew up with the big snowsuits, the bullies, the boss-of-the-family dad and the deferring stay-home mom, but younger folks who relate because who doesn’t have a quirky, imperfect family (or at least some crazy relatives). For many, the holidays just aren’t Norman Rockwell, and The Christmas Story makes us laugh and feel better about our own shortcomings. Turkey or Peking duck, Auntie’s wonderful or weird present, we enjoy Christmas in our own (sometimes very “special”) way.

The original house where The Christmas Story was filmed is now a museum in Cleveland Ohio. The website features a lot of trivia, photos of the actors now (Peter Parker, Scut Farkus, and others, but not Ralphie), memories of those involved in the movie. Click here to see a video clip of the 25th anniversary weekend, November 18, 2008.

Linda Austin
“Cherry Blossoms in Twilight”


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2 Responses to A Christmas Story

  1. Jo Park says:

    I LOVE this movie. I associate it my cold childhood home, sitting in front of the old radiator, watching it on TV all day, with my mom making yummy Korean food. It’s strange to find your site, strange because I am 3/4 done with a book called ‘Cherry Blossom Memories’, a book I started in England 6 years ago, about my mother. Ironically, I may make it into a movie before the book is finished. Curious to know: However did you manage the time to finish your book? It’s taking me so long…especially with a new baby.

  2. Linda Austin says:

    Hi Jo, Good for you to write about your mother, and how funny the names of our books are similar. I lived in England, too, just a year.It took me ten years on and off to finish the book so do not get discouraged! By then my youngest was in 4th grade. I noticed my mother getting very forgetful, so I dropped everything and finished it up! Best wishes for your book – let me know when it’s published.

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