Soba noodles for new year

I guess I’m getting carried away with the good luck foods to start the new year off right. Last night I had soba noodles while the rest of the crew asked for udon. But udon is kind of a fat noodle, I warned. But, they’re long, said the daughter. We’ll see who has better luck this year.

Long and thin for long life of moderation

Soba broth is made of water, enough soy to turn it dark brown, a shot of mirin cooking wine, a good pinch of hon dashi (granules or flakes of fish-flavor), and a bit of sugar to taste. Place noodles in just-boiling broth, turn to simmer. Add carrot slices and cook until noodles are near done (about 5 minutes). Then throw in bok choy or fresh spinach leaves, shitake mushroom, green onion slices, tofu, whatever. I drain the broth out, but you can eat as soup, too. Udon noodles are cooked the same way but always eaten in broth. I suppose you could use a bit of vegetable or chicken broth instead of hon dashi, but just enough for a bit of flavor. I often put slices of chicken simmered in water, soy, garlic and ginger on top of the noodles.

Udon soup with chicken


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